Washroom Vending

Washroom vending and sanitary vending is an essential consideration for any washroom.

A washroom vending machine provides female washroom users assurance that their well being is being considered, while enabling you to enhance the complete washroom service that you are providing.

The EnviroGuard Range

Enviroguard offer a full range of essential toilet vending machine products such as;

  • Sanitary
  • Contraceptive
  • Health products

From free vending machine installation and maintenance, through to re-stocking and refills on a regular basis – we will tailor our service to best suit your needs and budget.

System 500 Single Vend

We offer the best and the latest products in the market with colour-coded vending machines, a slim option for smaller spaces, branded products and anti-vandal protection. Whatever your requirements we have the right solution for your washroom.

System 500’s slim design makes it suitable for the smaller washroom and is competitively priced. Products are dispensed automatically once the correct coinage has been inserted.


  • Hands free operation
  • Slim design for smaller washrooms
  • Manufactured in steel for extra security
  • One product choice
  • Available for Lilets and Condoms

System 1000 Dual Vend

This streamlined vending solution has led the dual vending market for many years and is a successful blend of sound practicality and neat design. Utilizing a coin sorter to make price adjustments a straightforward process in this modern unit .


  • 3 product choices
  • Branded products
  • Secure manual operation
  • Easy price change
  • Available for Always, Tampax and Lilets

How we can help your business?


Industry leading sanitary units to suit every budget


Industry leading sanitary units to suit every budget

Customer Support

Friendly office based customer support


We provide you with all duty of care legal paper work


Guaranteed regular service visits tailored o suit your requirements


Save up to 50% on national companies

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