Sanitising & Water Saving

Every business will use water in their washroom, but it needn’t be an expensive necessity. Installing water saving devices to your toilets, cisterns and urinals could save you thousands of pounds by reducing waste water.

Water saving devices are often installed with urinal sanitising unis meaning you get the best of both worlds- a fresh smelling toilet while saving money by reduced waste water.

Auto Sanitising and Water Saving Systems

Here at Enviroguard we recommend the most beneficial system for your business’s washroom needs. From free water saving device installation and maintenance through to replacing your urinal dispenser refills on a regular basis.

You can trust in our water saving systems as they’re all WRAS approved which means you get the latest technology offering the highest savings. They also suit a range of business sizes and budgets whilst saving you money on your utility bills.

Urinal Sanitisers

Enviroguard’s automatic cistern sanitation systems inject pre-measured doses of a clever bio active fluid directly into the tops of your loos. This is proven to decrease the numbers of e-coli and e-faecalis, and will decrease the buildup of uric scale in your pipes. Lowering maintenance and flush costs, decreased incidences of bacteria and no more unpleasant smells all mean a pleasant washroom experience for your staff and visitors.

As with all our equipment quality is crucial and all dispensers are regularly checked and maintained

How do water saving devices work

Enviroguard’s water management systems utilise the latest passive infra red technology to determine when the urinals are in use, only flushing when the washroom is occupied, we’ll make sure all devices receive regular servicing, maintenance and whatever replacements are required to maintain a cost effective management system.

Cost Comparisons

An unmanaged urinal that is not fitted with a water management system flushes at least nine litres of water on average every 15 minutes, 24 hours per day. The water supply companies make two charges for every litre of water used.

  • For the supply of the water itself.
  • For the disposal of the sewage.

The average combined charge in the North West exceeds £1.00 per 1000 litres of water used.

The chart demonstrates savings that can be made by fitting a single water management unit.

Unmanaged Managed
Flushes per hour 4 2
Hours per day 24 8
Days per week 7 5
Weeks per year 52 52
Litres per year 314,496 37,440
Cost per year £314.50 £37.44


How we can help your business?


Industry leading sanitary units to suit every budget


Industry leading sanitary units to suit every budget

Customer Support

Friendly office based customer support


We provide you with all duty of care legal paper work


Guaranteed regular service visits tailored o suit your requirements


Save up to 50% on national companies

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